Girls Day Out in STEM: The Digital Country Fair Quest!

The following blog has been written by the team at Girls Day Out in STEM (GDOS). 

Roll on up for the best International Women’s Day event in town! 

We are so excited to bring your kids a Girls Day Out in STEM (GDOS) Digital Country Fair Quest. 

What is a Digital Country Fair Quest? 

It’s all the fun and excitement that you would expect at a traditional country fair but with a digital twist:  

  • Code your own line dancing 

  • Ms Country Scent – a Google lesson in AI/ML 

  • Best in Show which is face recognition of your furry or feathered friends 

  • Drones 

  • AgTech 

  • Ferris Prize Wheel 

  • STEM show stalls 

  • Hot IT Book collections 

The event week ends with a live meet and greet with your STEM star panellists and a wonderful night scene finale – kids can enjoy fireworks and a great playlist to celebrate your journey and achievements. 

Event Overview 

Our International Women’s Day event is designed to align with the UN’s Women’s theme 2023: DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality.  

It’s a priority for education to achieve gender equality and empowerment of all women and girls in the digital age. 

How does it work? 

Once again thanks to our partners, each ticket is FREE. So, if your kids would like to join us simply register here.  

If you would like your school to be involved, just ask your teacher to register your class or club. It is as simple as that.  

Wouldn’t your kids love to be in the draw to WIN Best in Show, most innovative lemonade stand, or be crowned the best line dancing coder from this side of town! 

Inclusive innovative challenges 

Like our previous IWD events, there will be a whole host of innovative, fun challenges during the week. It’s all about STEM, innovation, AI/ML, technology and of course FUN, winning prizes, and a whole lot more.  

Our challenges focus on the need for innovation and how innovating has now changed - how can we ethically, inclusively and responsibly create and use new technologies today and into the future? 

All our challenges crack the code to gender equality – in our unique country-way to discover the transformative power of inclusive innovation.  

This year we’re aligning with UN Women’s concepts of ‘bold transformative ideas, inclusive technologies and accessible education combating discrimination and the marginalisation of women globally.’ 

Innovation, technology, challenges, fun and prizes – register for the event here

UN Sustainable Development Goal #9 

In our STEM show stalls section, we also tap into the top jobs that are becoming more efficient and effective using innovative technology. Innovation is a driver of change that could deliver gender equity if we do it right.  

We all benefit from collaborating towards a common objective – the UN Sustainable Goal of ‘bridging the digital divide, promoting sustainable industries and investing in scientific research and innovation are all important ways to facilitate sustainable development.’  

Our partners are focused on those outcomes for our girls to clear pathways and inclusive workplaces. 

Better STEM career pathways for girls - register for the event here

Fair Fun! 

Our GDOS event would not be the same without our awesome stash of lucky draw prizes to be won. 

Each challenge has a unique prize draw. There is a Grand Fair Prize draw and of course the sideshow alley Ferris Wheel prizes.  

And there is something NEW…our Ms Country challenge will pair your child’s personality with a personally designed perfume using AI/ML.

Do challenges and win prizes - register for the event here

Roll on up! 

Petriea Skitek, GDOS event coordinator and managing director, says, “Our purpose story is to continue to delight our repeater STEM fans and newbies with a fun and impressive STEM experience that GDOS has become known for! We have repeaters that have been with us for over three years and keep on coming back for more and each year we offer something fresh and innovative.  

As usual, we aim to create an inclusive space, where everyone belongs. We believe that our experiences offer a dynamic progressive space in which to better learn and act upon the world women and girls live in.” 

Crack the Gender Code… 

So, roll on up to the GDOS Digital Country Fair Quest event, arrive and follow our online map to discover all the amazing interactive activities happening at the fair online!  

Your kids have a week from Sunday, March 5 to Sunday, March 12 to discover hidden gems and impressive STEM information show stalls.  

Kids can even send us questions in advance for our STEMinutes: a one-hour live-streamed Q&A session where they get to meet expert professional STEM women.  

Girls will be inspired.  

Entries will be sponsored.  

Opportunities will be special.  

The experiences will be awesome.  

Engagement and learning will be on a level of virtual meets reality! 

Kids can join us to get digitALL and go a little bit country: 

  • Open Daily: Google AI/ML lesson 

  • Open Daily: Digital Country Fair Challenges 

  • Open Daily: Poll where you can have your say! 

  • Open Daily: STEM Show Stalls – discover career pathways, competitions and more 

  • Open Daily: Prize wheel 

  • Open Daily: Virtual book signings 

  • Open Daily: CSIRO AI/ML fire poll 

  • Finale Day Only: STEMinutes meet and greet expert panellist 

  • Finale Day: Virtual dance playlist and fireworks celebrations 

See y'all there. Sunday, March 5 to Sunday 12, 2023  

Register now!


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