10 ways teens can earn pocket money

Some parents may welcome their teens earn pocket money by contributing to the household. Others may not require their teens to do chores. Either way, encouraging your teens to try a few jobs could help them make better career choices as they grow up.

Here are 10 ways they can earn extra pocket money:

1. Dog Walking

If pet owners work long hours, they may appreciate someone taking their pet for a walk. If you have a large property, you could also consider letting your teens bring the pets home and take care of them when the pets’ owners are away.

2. Babysitting

Babysitting is a popular job for teens. It can extend to helping younger children with homework, tutoring them, or hanging out with them in a big sibling role.

3. Helping those in need

People who are in wheelchairs or can’t see well often need extra help with chores like grocery shopping. Although there are services that provide those, some may be willing to pay for ad-hoc jobs, like running to the café for them or taking them for a walk.

4. Arts and crafts

If your teen is creative, they could make things to sell at craft markets like greeting cards. They could also sew or make toys or baked goods.

5. Chores

You could attach a monetary value to every chore and leave it up to your teen to select the chores they want to do when they want money. You could also include additional chores you’d normally pay for like grooming the dog or washing the car.

You can help your teen manage the money they earn using FLX. For example, you can transfer the money they earn from your Flexischools wallet to their FLX account. Your teen can then use their FLX prepaid card to make purchases where prepaid Mastercards are accepted. Both you and your teens will be able to track their purchases via the Flexischools and FLX apps.

6. Odd jobs

Teens could mow the lawn, weed the garden, and clean the pool for a small fee. They could also offer their services to your neighbours.

7. Formal jobs

Once your teen turns 16, they could get a formal job, especially in the food industry.

8. Gaming

In addition to gaming as a hobby, teens could be encouraged to develop games they could sell with your help.

9. Technology support

Although we all have computers and smartphones, there are still many people who struggle to use them. They’d probably be happy to pay someone to run over and show them how to use a specific feature or new app.

10. Influencer

Your teens could become influencers and make money through sponsorships. Videos and photos can cover various topics, from baking and make-up to cute pets to travel vlogs.

FLX helps your kids manage their money as they set savings goals, receive pocket money, and keep track of their purchases. You can learn more about FLX here.

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