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4.7 star App rating on the App Store and Google Play from more than 45,000 Reviews 

  • Very easy to use, I love using Flexischools

    Judith Savage

  • Very user friendly

    Andrea P

  • Makes life so much easier

    Daphne Jean Finnegan

  • Lunch orders No more stinky lunchboxes with beautifully packed lunches coming home being wasted . No pre packed snacks being sneaked from the pantry leaving no snacks in the morning .Better weight management without these in the house for ALL the family . No left over loaf of bread at the end of the week going stale .This was happening every week with only one child .Now each days fresh ,saves money approx $50 a week .Great variety ,economical ,less waste .Healthier for all the family .Just smarter all round .


  • Flexischools has been brilliant for making tuckshop ordering easy. Also the addition of being able to purchase a ride pass for my daughter’s school fair was so convenient. Would be so good if excursions, discos and other school events could be paid for via the app too, including providing permissions to remove the need for coins and paper permission slips.


  • Makes school admin easy for busy parents! This is the best thing that I can do first thing the morning, the night before, even a few nights in advance !!! I love it! Because when you as a parent is soo busy to worry about everything little thing, especially when everything is on devices, it’s so much easier having this to also check into !


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4.7 stars across 45K reviews on the App Store and Google Play

“I have used Flexischools for over 10 years. Being the Convenor of a large school tuckshop means I need a time saving, reliable system for online ordering. Flexischools delivers and its easy to use!”

Bounty Boulevard State School

Yvette, Bounty Boulevard State School

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