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Testimonials for Queensland Schools

Our school introduced online ordering as a supplement to the paper bag option but within a year because it went so well we have gone online only in the tuckshop and also introduced Flexischools into the uniform shop, bus system and other school events too.

Retail Manager, St Paul's School


Since starting with Flexischools our orders have almost doubled. We used to get 20-25 orders on a Monday and Tuesday and now we get 50. Our orders on a Thursday and Friday have increased from 50 orders a day to 70 orders. I think that the order fee is reasonable and no one has ever questioned it. Parents are happy to pay it for the service they receive. The increase in revenue from our orders more than justifies any charges for the online service and to cover the customer service provided. Our profit is up, our tuckshop and uniform shop runs smoothly and we keep winning awards for the great service we provide to the students and staff.

Tuckshop Convenor, Coombabah State School


We used to have crazy mornings sorting out the lunch bags, writing up orders and sorting out the money whereas now we can get out the back to make the food more easily. It is a lot less hectic. Flexischools is taking the pressure off in the mornings especially on a Friday which is our busiest day. We now need to only go to the bank every few days rather than everyday like before. It has lightened our load.

Tuckshop Manager, Barkly Highway State School


We love Flexischools. Since we started using Flexischools online ordering we are saving about $1000 a week in labour costs and we can focus on preparing quality food rather than making order lists, counting coins and taking phone calls from parents.

Tuckshop Manager, Eimeo Road State School


The tuckshop and parents love the customer service support we get. It is great to know that they are there to help everyone have a good experience of online ordering. The customer service team are really experienced as they have been doing this for a long time. The customer service support takes the pressure off us so that we can focus on providing an excellent tuckshop service with healthy menu choices.

Tuckshop Manager, Oonoonba State School


The Flexischools system saves us time and money and we would not be able to run the tuckshop without it! We have also run several fundraisers amongst them special meal days with more than 800 orders! The phone support and customer service is excellent and we are so happy with the service that we now run our uniform shop on Flexischools too.

Tuckshop Manager, McDowall State School


Testimonials for New South Wales Schools

Flexischools has been absolutely fantastic. A lot of schools have come to see us. In the first year of introducing the cards the Barker tuckshops saw a strong growth of customer numbers and sales. Whatever Flexischools have offered they have delivered. It has been a good working partnership. We are happy. 

Catering Manager, Barker College


The School P&F did a review of our canteen as cash handling was taking up a lot of time and the canteen was not profitable. Since introducing Flexischools we are saving lots of time, have managed to reduce the number of vounteers needed, our sales have increased and we are now making a profit.

P& F President, Mosman Church of England Preparatory School


After surveying our students, I knew that I needed a solution that would reduce our waiting times, reduce cash handling and provide a way for us to track sales, track how many students were using the canteen and help me measure our service times. Flexischools has solved all these issues! If you're thinking about getting Flexischools - go for it!

Canteen Manager, Turramurra High School


Testimonials for Victorian Schools

Online ordering has provided flexibility to parents and eased the workload of our volunteers, allowing more time to prepare items from a healthy menu with full support available. Online ordering has allowed the canteen more time to focus on preparation of food, allowing healthier choices to be offered.

Canteen Manager, Bimbadeen Hts Primary School.

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Since coming on board with Flexischools in March 2011, online orders have enormously improved the efficiency and ease of managing lunch orders, with now about 90% of our orders coming through online. This has saved us a huge amount of time, leaving us more time  to enhance our menu, hold a few 'Special Order Days' through the term and enabled us to decrease the number of volunteers required to run each session. Our parents love the ease of placing orders quickly, even the kids are able to do it. The Fundraising and Events Committee are also now using Flexischools, as it is a familiar and easy tool for our parents.

Canteen Manager, Hampton Primary School.  

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Testimonials for ACT Schools

Our school canteen introduced Flexischools a few years ago and we have found that it is saving us a lot of time compared to processing paper bag orders. We no longer have to count large amount of money and go to the bank as often. Parents like using Flexischools as they don't need to find loose change and they can order in advance. We now also run special events through the Flexischools system, like our school disco, special lunch orders for the athletics carnival, classroom birthday packages and our Special Meal Days we hold once a term. The online ordering is making these events much easier and faster.

Canteen Manager, Weetangera Primary School


Testimonials for South Australian Schools

The Flexischools card system and online ordering has made our canteen day easier. We are saving time by no longer having to count money at the end of the day and the students are moving through the checkout more quickly. It is a relief not to have to handle so much cash and go to the bank everyday. The Flexischools customer service is great - they are always there to help. I definitely recommend going ahead with it.

Canteen Manager, Senior Tuckshop, Prince Alfred College


This is just a selection of our testimonials. Other testimonials available upon request.